GTS employees are diverse but they all have a few things in common: restless intellectual curiosity, loyalty to the team and commitment to the company's vision, and a bit of a competitive streak. Collegiality and honesty are non-negotiable attributes of every successful employee and every candidate for employment. Human capital is far and away our most valuable asset.

Academically, most team members have backgrounds in computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics, or engineering disciplines, although we have a few economists, philosophers, and psychologists, too. We promote from within and frequently hire from outside the financial sector; in fact, quite a few of our most successful employees had no financial experience prior to joining GTS.

GTS rewards employees based on their contribution to our culture and knowledge base. Some of our non-cash benefits include full family healthcare, free meals at the office, family friendly policies, and frequent company-sponsored opportunities to socialize with co-workers over ping pong and bowling, refreshments on our terrace, or our annual charity casino night.

If you're motivated by working with painfully smart but generally grounded people and you enjoy wrestling with difficult problems in a team environment please consider reaching out.


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